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Welcome to Jivaterra, where ancient wisdom meets modern beauty. Our brand is inspired by the tropical forests of Indonesia, and dedicated to nourishing and rejuvenating your skin with 100% natural and organic ingredients. We believe that true beauty comes from within, and that’s why we strive to help you reconnect with your body, mind, and soul through our products.

Each of our products is handcrafted with love and care, using a special blend of essential oils and nutrient-packed organic materials. Our aromatic blends are designed to assist your daily life, with calming, relaxing, uplifting, energizing, and mood-boosting properties. Whether you’re looking to pamper your skin, unwind after a long day, or boost your mood, our line of natural products has got you covered.

Explore our range of bath salts, natural soaps, serums and elixirs, face mists, solid perfumes, and face balms. Our products are perfect for those who are looking for a natural and luxurious way to care for their skin, and who value ethical and sustainable beauty. Treat yourself to the best that nature has to offer, and let us help you to celebrate the beauty within.

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